GoinEurope (GiE) is an intermediate organization that arranges international internships in Spain and in the Netherlands. We are a matchmaker between companies and students. Our database contains a large amount of companies, mainly in Valencia (Spain) and in Eindhoven (The Netherlands), which are willing to host students from European countries. Together with the internship we also offer the student the arrangement of the accommodation during their period in the country.
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Our mainly services are internships and arrangement of the accommodation.

On the one hand, we organize your internship in a company within our network that matches your background, expertise and your interest.

On the other hand, we also offer the service for organizing your accommodation in the city during your stay.

We own several apartments in Valencia, and a small dormitory in the Netherlands. So we rent rooms to students for a reasonable price in every country.

Besides you will always be supported by a member of our team when you arrive to your destiny. We will add you to the WhatsApp group from the people of the apartments, so then you will be in touch with your future flatmates besides us.

In case there is an urgent matter to solve during your stay, because of either your internship or the housing, you could contact us and we will try to help you whenever it’s needed.

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In Valencia (Spain) we have a large database of companies which offer vacancies in the following fields: Sports, marketing, business, finance and administration, event management, communication, graphic design, language exchange, tourism, sales, etc.

In case you can’t find your field of work in the list mention above, don’t worry, we can find it for you. That’s also our job, hunt for new partners which want to collaborate with us. Just send us your application with Cv and motivation letter to

In the Netherlands, we work in a different way. Our main partners are companies related to Sport business and technology. Here there are also many areas where you could join: Marketing, video editing, international business…

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In Valencia we own several apartments in two different districts of the city.

The apartments have between 70 to 100 m2. Every apartment contains 3 or 4 individual furnished rooms besides the common spaces: kitchen, living room and a bathroom. All the rooms are rented to international young students who are making an internship or studying in the city.


Although the apartments are not in the city center, all of them are well connected to the city center with public transport like bus or tram and you will find the basic services close by: supermarkets, pharmacies, shops, etc.

You can take a look at the pictures from the apartment in this link:

In the Netherlands, there is a small dormitory for international young people in Lierop, a small town located 20km far away from Eindhoven. In the dormitory, there are 6 individual rooms as well as the common spaces like the kitchen, living room and bathroom (for men and woman).

The building is located on the outskirts of the town surrounded of nature. This is why there are two cars available that people in the dormitory can use  to go to work and also for private use to go to the city, etc.

You can see a video from the place and the rooms in the link below:

In this link you can also see some pictures:

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No, it’s not compulsory, however if you don’t choose the option for the accommodation, we charge a fee for arranging only the internship.

In case you choose the accommodation when we arrange your internship, you don’t pay this fee, you pay only for renting the room.

We usually offer both services together, because we consider that in his way, we solve two problems: finding the right internship placement for the student as well as accommodation what is often not easy to find for short stay in a foreign country.

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Yes, you have to pay for it, only if you choose for this option (instead of paying a fee) when we arrange your internship.

It means that when we find your internship, we will inform you about the availability in the rooms and we will prepare the rental agreement which must be signed by you and us.

You pay for the total rent period that you stay for your internship.

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In Valencia the price per room is 75€ per week, what it is 300€ proximately.

In the price the following expenses are included: water, electricity, wifi, gas and the cleaning service for the common spaces in the apartment once per month.

In the Netherlands, the price for renting a room in the dormitory is 100€/week, 400€ per month proximately. The same costs (water, electricity, gas, wifi…) are included in the price.

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No, you don’t have to pay the internship fee as long as you rent a room from us.

We offer the total matchmaking process free of charge for the students. Since we own several apartments, we expect students rent one of these rooms during their stay abroad. In this case we don’t charge a fee for organizing the internship.

In case you don’t want us to arrange the accommodation, then we charge a fee for organizing just the internship. The cost for it is 484€.

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We work in Valencia and Zaragoza (Spain), and in Eindhoven (the Netherlands).

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There are different ways how you can apply for an internship:

  1. Check the placements offers list published on our website. There, you have an overview of the placements available in that moment and some information about it besides the requirements.  You can apply for it directly from the same page. We receive your application and we will contact you within a week after receiving it.


  1. You can also send us your own application, with your CV and a motivation letter or a short description about yourself. Send it to:


For us it’s very interesting to know more about your expertise, background, interests and hobbies, language skills and last but not least, the period when you could make your internship.

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Once we receive your Cv with your application, we will answer your email within a week.

In this email we propose you several moments to make a Skype appointment.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be nervous yet…it won’t be a serious talk but it will be a quite common chat where we will explain you about us and our services, besides we will inform you about the kind of companies which we collaborate with. It’s a good moment to get to know you better and offer you the best placement for you. This Skype meeting usually takes between 15/30 minutes.

After the appointment, you will receive an email from us which contains a document called preselection agreement. In this document you choose the service what you prefer in case we arrange your internship. Arrangement of the accommodation (only pay for renting the room) or the internship fee.

As soon as we receive this document signed by you, we will immediately provide you the information about the company where you could do the internship.

If you agree, we will send the responsible of the company, your Cv and the motivation letter.

When the company has a positive reaction after receiving your profile, we will bring you in touch with them. At this moment, you can plan a new Skype appointment with the people at the company to talk further about the main issues for the placement: tasks to carry out, schedule, etc.

If the company accepts you and you like the placement, we start organizing the paperwork needed for starting the internship.

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Its’ not a must to speak Spanish to apply for an internship in Spain, but there are some companies which require having a good level of Spanish, however there are some of them, especially in the area of international business or tourism which don’t require having any knowledge of Spanish.

Whether you know a bit of Spanish or you don’t speak a word, I highly recommend you to put energy to learn it.  Most of the people in Spain only speak Spanish and just a few speak very well English. Only at touristic attractions or international companies oriented and, in those surroundings, people know English but sometimes their English is limited.

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It’s up to many factors:

  • You may have a limited period for an internship according the requirements from your University. That’s an important issue when we face on the search for a placement.
  • The companies usually prefer having students who can stay for a medium time period, from 3 to 6 months.

As a general rule, most of the companies are quite flexible about the period of time that a student can be in the company, since they understand that you have a specific training period required by your University.

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That’s not a problem, in case your University doesn’t accept your placement, we can do a new search on the companies within our network which could suit you.

On a daily basis we work with a big network of companies in Valencia in different fields, so in case the vacancy that you applied for is not accepted by your University or the placement is already filled by other candidate, we could also provide you more information about other placements within your field.


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It’s also up to many factors, like finding the right placement for you, the availability for the responsible at the company to have an appointment with the student, the arrangement of the paper work…

However, we are always in the middle of the procedure to speed up the internship.

So we could say that the normal time to arrange an internship would be between 15 to 30 days.

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It’s not problem for us if you want to organize your internship a long time in advance, and of course, you can send us your application.

However, we prioritize the internships which take place in the next 3 or 4 months.

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No, we can’t arrange internships if you don’t get a scholarship or a grant provided by your University or any local administration office. These organizations usually provide health and administrative support to the student during their periods abroad. So it’s an important issue when you are searching for an internship within Europe.

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Unfortunately, we don’t offer that service to students.

We only can help those people who have a business idea or an entrepreneurial feeling (It’s not needed to have started up it yet)

In that case, we know a specific grant which could help you with to do an exchange.

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Not all the companies pay students for their internship. However there are few firms  that pay a small amount to the student.

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No, we don’t arrange job offers.

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