What are the services that GoinEurope offers me as student?

Our mainly services are internships and arrangement of the accommodation.

On the one hand, we organize your internship in a company within our network that matches your background, expertise and your interest.

On the other hand, we also offer the service for organizing your accommodation in the city during your stay.

We own several apartments in Valencia, and a small dormitory in the Netherlands. So we rent rooms to students for a reasonable price in every country.

Besides you will always be supported by a member of our team when you arrive to your destiny. We will add you to the WhatsApp group from the people of the apartments, so then you will be in touch with your future flatmates besides us.

In case there is an urgent matter to solve during your stay, because of either your internship or the housing, you could contact us and we will try to help you whenever it’s needed.