How is the normal procedure after sending my application?

Once we receive your Cv with your application, we will answer your email within a week.

In this email we propose you several moments to make a Skype appointment.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be nervous yet…it won’t be a serious talk but it will be a quite common chat where we will explain you about us and our services, besides we will inform you about the kind of companies which we collaborate with. It’s a good moment to get to know you better and offer you the best placement for you. This Skype meeting usually takes between 15/30 minutes.

After the appointment, you will receive an email from us which contains a document called preselection agreement. In this document you choose the service what you prefer in case we arrange your internship. Arrangement of the accommodation (only pay for renting the room) or the internship fee.

As soon as we receive this document signed by you, we will immediately provide you the information about the company where you could do the internship.

If you agree, we will send the responsible of the company, your Cv and the motivation letter.

When the company has a positive reaction after receiving your profile, we will bring you in touch with them. At this moment, you can plan a new Skype appointment with the people at the company to talk further about the main issues for the placement: tasks to carry out, schedule, etc.

If the company accepts you and you like the placement, we start organizing the paperwork needed for starting the internship.